the nightstands @ phillips

Last night
Felix Burrichter of Pin-Up Magazine
Brent Dzekciorius of Phillips de Pury 
put on an amazing little exhibition 
of commissioned nightstands
at the new 
Uptown Phillips de Pury Auction House Headquarters.
Mondoblogo was there because,
well, it was THE place to be last night,
but more importantly because
was exhibiting their AMAZING new nightstand!
I wasn't the only one who thought their
piece was amazing,
I personally heard Michael Stipe say it was 
his favorite, 

There is Ro/Lu in what I would say was position 
#1, unless it was the Olympics,
then they would be getting
the Silver,
but last night,
I assure you, 
they were nothing but Golden.

The lineup

Lookin' good!

This exhibition was to celebrate the 
10th issue of 
Pin-Up, and if you look closely, 
you can see the number 10
in the design, 
which was loosely based on 
a Ettore Sottsass cabinet.

Here is the rest of the crew:
Aranda / Lasch

 Leon Ransmeier

Paul Kopkau
Edition of 4 

 Rich Brilliant Willing
Edition of 4

 Situ Studio
Edition of 4

 Michael Stipe
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

 Richard Phillips

 Jim Drain
Edition of 4

 Paul Lee
Edition of 4

 Shawn Maximo
Edition of 4

 Rafael de Cardenas with Evan Gruzis
Edition of 4

 The crowd was kickin'.

Here's to you Matt and Mike!


  1. i want them all. great photos. thanks for sharing patrick!

  2. RO/LU gets gold. Ransmeier silver. Jim Drain bronze. The rest are in a nine-way tie for boring.

  3. AB, so right on, as usual....!

  4. This is just weird. Two posts in a row ... you must be stalking people I know, or it's just that the crowd for this stuff is really so small. Very RISD heavy crowd.

  5. Nick, you know more people at these parties than I do!!!!