icff 2011, the good, the bad and the ugly

it's that time of the year again.
NYC Furniture Fest 2011,
filled with the good the bad and the ugly.
The chair above satisfies two of those 

In case you were wondering.

 This table was great.
Designed by a Swiss architect...
but I can't remember his name for the life of me right now....
Really nicely constructed too,
here in the goode olde US of A.

Look how EXCITED that kid is
to see the child's toilet seat demo!!!
I guess this is for the "Jackass" crowd....

I always liked this 
"Eiffel"stool by Shigeki Fujishiro.
First in fiberboard and now in
shiny chrome.
It works.

Does this stool have a chubby for me or what?
Lots of carbon fiber crap at the show.
Slick, bug-like and 99.9% BAD....
Would look perfect in your Miami condo Brad....

Here I am taking a break.
Is that a camera in your lap Poppie
or are you just happy to see me???

It certainly does.

Marcel Wander's bald spot.
Just kidding Marcel,
I'm just jealous,
you were looking suave as hell.

King of ICFF,
for the second year in a row,
He was giving out these goofy international orange
vinyl bags that everyone was coveting.
They were pretty goofy,
but I did go back by his booth 
about 10 times to try to get one....
I forgot to get a shot,
but here is one from Milano:
See what I mean?
Mostly hate.

I really liked this floor lamp in his booth.
Noguchi's Akari meets King Midas

Leave it to Philippe Starck
to have the most pretentious piece in the show.
(And at ICFF, that is saying A LOT!)
look at it,
for Baccarat too.

Lichterloh cabinet
from the Austrian Pavillion.
There is always something fun in their State sponsored booth,
and everyone always seems like they are slightly tipsy
and having a blast.
I like that.

What the hell is this vintage
 KEM Weber chair doing at ICFF?
 The new "Airline Chair".
At least they didn't just copy it....

Speaking of copying...
This was in some old dudes booth full
of NOTHING you would want to copy.

 This is a one liner, but I really liked it!
The "Rubber Table" by Thomas Schnur
He's looking for a producer.
It was in the German Pavilion.

 My old college roommate 
was back
with amazing new work.
LOVED this table.
It reminded me of Joseph Albers getting it on with Ruhlmann....

time for 
Worst booth / Best booth.
Mr. Top Hat above gets the award for the worst booth.
Sorry Dude, 
I know you tried and busted your ass with these pieces,
but for so many reasons you illustrate what I hate in 
contemporary furniture design.

Best Booth,
Wang, Jinsheng's Studio
I can't explain fully why this worked so well.
Brain said he should have been at Art Basel not ICFF.
I know it kinda looks goofy,
but it wasn't. 
It rocked.
(No pun intended.)
Until next year....


  1. I agree with you on all of the above - had the same exact reactions. My favorite though was the school section with the desks and lockers, it was over near Tom Dixon and it ruled. The KEM Weber thing was pretty hilarious, I grilled them for info about how many they own so I can stalk them until they give me one.

  2. bwahaha, this is so awesome. I hope the ACID guy is next to the Kem Weber knockoff booth.

  3. That's my buddy Alex in the Dixon lamp photo background, tall and striking in black. Fun to know someone (even someone not so famous) on these lauded pages. Wish I could have gone.

  4. actually like the plunger table... dig the gold floor lamp but it seems very derivative...

  5. u missed this http://pikchur.com/AgwI

  6. I really like the Dixon candle holder that's rather like the gold floor lamp (available at DWR).

    Also, the guy with the wheel drum set situation pitched such a fit when I went to take a photo, I split without even really seeing it or figuring out what it was.

    Nice pics and an entertaining writeup. Thanks.