wtf is this in the mail?

This showed up in the mail the other day.
I say this because I had 
what it was.
Royal Mail?
In this huge, weird purple bag?

This bag is weird, cool weird,
but it didn't look like something that was 
supposed to be delivered to me.

Mysterious tags, heavy duty security zip ties....

This never happens with the zillion 
Amazon deliveries from overseas that I get.
I send those to the shop,
not to the apartment.
I really couldn't figure it out....
I didn't even open it for a few days....
I was kinda scared.

Once out of the bag,
it just looked like a regular package.
Relief, but still a mystery.
What was it, where was it from, who sent it?

I didn't order anything from him.
I like him, but still not sure wtf is going on.
I know, I know, it's just a package,
but I am kinda a freak like that.
No surprises in the mail. They scare me....

weird purple bag,
"Purple Diary"....

It's the new 
My sister gave me a subscription for 
 that's it!
Mystery solved!
are you jealous????

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  1. i am jealous! amy got me issue 15 for Valentines day. still haven't received it yet.