the dirtburgs of new york

I started noticing the 
as the weather started to warm-up.
I'm not really sure why I like them,
because they are really disgusting,
but seeing them melt and change and morph 
is interesting to me
for some reason.
They seem almost alive,
and after a day like today, 
(66 degrees!)
their days are numbered.
Although, the ones that survive 
this warm snap
will get blacker and dirtier
by the day, and
who knows, 
maybe we will get one more blizzard and
they will all come roaring back to life!
loves em!

1 comment:

  1. P: rate my dirtberg!
    c: they are great + i keep my fingers crossed that they dont came back to life and roam the n.y. streets killing and looting...
    they will not .. spring is around the corner and keeps his eye on you.