man ray sculptures: things i wish i had bought in 1995....

I love 
even after I read that arty book on the 
Black Dahlia killer
and found out how they were such close friends.
He was a twisted freak to be sure,
and I kinda already knew that,
but he was REALLY twisted apparently.
You should read that book if you already haven't.
I would do a post on it but it is so 
Read it if you dare!!!

I am getting off point....

Looking at old auctions catalogs gets me going
"coulda woulda shoulda"
but this Man Ray sale in 1995,
"Property from the Estate of Juliet Man Ray,
the Man Ray Trust and the Family of Juliet Man Ray"
was one for the record books.
I have a friend who 
scored big time at the sale.
Too bad I didn't trust my gut and pony up for at least one thing.
A sale like this comes up maybe once or twice a lifetime.

Tombstone Chapel.

This is so so....

This one the same,
but a little better,
in a kitschy way.

this lampshade.
I always wanted to make one.

Cool in brass too,
but harder to make...

The reason I like so many of these is that they make 
no sense.
I guess that is the point,
with that crazy weirdo surrealism and all....

I guess if I posted the titles,
that would help with the
But I like just looking sometimes.

The title of this one is 
Who knew there was a Fuddrucker's in Paris???

This would be good for your
secret stash of blow.
Or your stolen lipstick collection.

Juliet must have been pretty cool too.
She kinda stays in the background.
Knowing the little I know,
I think Man Ray liked her for that.
Did she ever write a bio?

He loved her.
So much he put her in a box.
Kinda forced her into a box....
MR you are one twisted little puppy aren't you?

Blue Bread
Like a phallic blue balls?
I just said balls....

I see a donkey that is flying while smoking a pipe.
The donkey is also stepping on a
fiddle player.
That is what I see.

This would be great to look at while trying to fall asleep right?

I had chances to but at least 2 chess sets over the years,
but they were always so expensive.
They always sold though,
so who is the loser?

This reminds me of that Bruce Nauman piece....

This is nice.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Another lady in box....
I'm telling you,
 if you read 
these pieces start to take on a MUCH
darker meaning
than this old hillbilly never saw before....

He's starting to creep me out again....
Maybe I will do that Black Dahlia post tomorrow
and get 
super creepy....

More boxes.
These are matchbooks he decorated.
The estimate on this lot was 500-700 pounds.
I could have swung that in '95,
Mr. Coulda Shoulda Woulda....

This is the catalog.
If you ever see it,
grab it!
It's FILLED with 
AMAZING stuff.....


  1. seriously, can't stop laughing.
    i read the black dahlia avenger a long time ago...the one by his son that was in the la pd and discovered that his father was the one responsible and told about some of the parties/links in crime with man ray. creepy enough.

  2. I read that afterwards, it was pretty good too, but geeze, the son was obsessed wasn't he? And a little long winded, if I do say so myself. You should definitely check out Exquisite Corpse if you were into Mr Avenger....

  3. could it be anything but a donkey smoking a pipe stepping on a fiddle player? I must say none of these speak to me even if I could afford them

  4. Thanks for that link. I knew the crime scene was close but never knew exactly where. I've been by it on my morning walks a number of times.

    Re:Ray my partner once worked at the High Museum of Art. As the works on paper technician he worked in the art storage area. For a long time he wondered what the curious piece of junk he kept moving around was until at last he found out it was a Man Ray.