michael & gabby boyd's place

I braved the HEAVY snow 
and huge slushy puddles at every corner 
today to track down Elle Decor Italia, 
(not such an easy thing to do, even in NYC, surprisingly) 
because my good friend Michael told me he was in it....

He didn't tell me he was on the cover!!!
Great fold-out cover that shows the dining room and kitchen.

Behind the blue door.

The Man.

Great Room.

Entrance from the street.
All the gardens were designed by Michael.

Detail of the dining room with the usual suspects, 
plus a sweet John McLaughlin painting 
and a Andre Bloc chair 
hiding behind Mr Prouve.

The library is amazing, really amazing.

Out back by the pool.

Great room looking towards the pool 
and the Santa Monica Mountains. 
You don't see it in this shoot, 
but the view is sick too.

Charlotte Perriand door to the upstairs bathroom, 
and an Eileen Grey stool, 
Donald Judd plywood sculpture, 
Rene Herbst chair, 
Carlo Scarpa vase, 
and on and on and on.....

Media room looking out.

Office detail.

Long shot from guest rooms to the master bedroom.

MB learnin'.

BR detail.

I told you the library was amazing.

Cozy sunny bedroom.

To learn more about this amazing collection 
and historic house, 
click on this link: 
I would say it is the finest collection 
of modernist objects and furniture in private hands today, 
and those hands belong to two 
of the nicest and generous 
people I know....


  1. This place is like heaven. Love all the details, a great mix lovingly displayed but totally inviting and casual.

    OMG the pool. I'm dead, I died.

  2. Help I know I have a book ( I think... could be a mag) where this house is featured along with a bit about the original commission of the house. Do you know where else it may have been featured. I have so many books I have been driving myself crazy looking. This just reminded me of how incredible this house is and what outstanding taste the current owners have.

  3. And your not talking about "Modernist Paradise", the book that came out last year? I think the LA Times Magazine did a story a few years ago too.... ? If I think of more I will let you know.... Maybe try some deep Googling of "Strick House"....

  4. Yes it is Modernist Paradise thanks - great blog a different league