apartamesso #9

Well, I am finally posting on the new
My friends Brian and Elizabeth
got to, along with I think only 4
other stores around the world,
"pre-release" it.
I finally dragged my sorry ass over there to get it 
this weekend.
It's a great issue,
as you can see mine is already
dogeared and olive oil stained,
so go git one at 
if you are in NYC.

the photographer even got the cat in there....

This is José Léon Cerrillo's place 
in Mexico City.

Nice windows Jeff Rian.

puts a bay under plastic.

I will refrain from saying something here....

I think this is just really a mess,
not a contrived mess like some of the other places.

Love this roof.

Nice, some male frontal nudity.
 Look closely....

I know the feeling....

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