furniture in 24 hours....

Mary Howard
"Triangle Lounge Platforms"

I found this book,
"Furniture in 24 hours:
Spiros Zakas 
and his students at Parsons School of Design"
yesterday and it's pretty cool.
These are some of my favorite 
"24 hour"
designs... The year is 1976,
so get into it....
Kinda amazing how similar some of these
designs are to things that are going on now....

Stephanie Dieterich
"The Knockdownable Sensuous Topograph"

Stephanie Dieterich
"Banana Lounge"
Ok, Miss Dieterich,
I know where your mind was in 1976...
in just the right place....

Melissa Tardiff
Melissa, I'm sorry Mr. Zakas
made you late for your softball game
by asking you to pose in your chair.

Billy Cohen
Wait, is that Melissa with a mustache?

Ase Ask
"Lounge Chair"
I'd like to "ask" Ase....

Billy Cohen
"Free Form Garden Chair"
Not bad, Billy, not bad....

Billy Cohen
"Circle Love Seat"
Gotta love the fake rose prop,
just as much as you gotta hate the chair.
What happened Billy?
You got an A last semester,
and now I gotta fail you....

Thomas Clough
"Wood Stool"
Like Nakashima 
if he was a C- student at Parsons
who's specialty was cutting boards.

Martin Spiegel
"Plywood Chair"
If someone was to make a turd out of
plywood, I would love it.

Yutaka Matsumoto
"U-Turn Chair"
Very "A Clockwork Orange".

Susan Orsini
"Outdoor Two Seater"
Add a "two hitter" and you're all set....

"Origami Table"
Let the knocking-off begin.....

Greg Petersen
"Plumber's Dream"
and a decorator's nightmare....

Yutaka Matsumoto
"Coffee Table"
Bizarre love triangle....

Professor and author of the book
Mr. Spiros Zakas's
"Mop Art Hanging Light"
"Mop Art Table"
Get it? 
"Mop Art"? 
Get it?

Rex Wynn
"Toad Stool"
Who is this silly little freak?
you scare me....

Stephanie Dieterich
"Rocking Goat"

Rex Wynn
"Forest Room Divider"
You got me again Rex... you are terrifying.
Really, you are.

Carolyn Crawford
"Cloud Chair"
"Cloud Bridge", "Cloud Ladder" I would get,
but "Cloud Chair"?
Also, what's up with the shoes?

Carolyn Crawford
"Little People's Love Seat"

David Fleischer
"Tensegrity Stool"
Wait! Some real design! I think
I wanna make one of these.....

Carolyn Crawford
"Sponge Chair"
I like this, 
but only if it is made of all sponge 
and if you tried to sit in it,
 you would just crush it.
You could also wash your Corvette with it.

Yutaka Matsumoto
"E-Z Chair"

Dee MacDonald
"Slab Chair"
This is cool. 
What's up with the "eye" hole Dee?

Mary Howard
"Lounge Bed"
These silhouettes 
just scream 1976
don't they?

Go get your 
now and start building!


  1. Rex Wynn is still going strong.


    The site is a mess but you can see he is into D&D. His bio matches up with the date of the book.

    I look forward to seeing what you have come up with each day. Thanks.

  2. p-...and they shall beat their turds into plywood.. isaiah 2:4

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