mondo wrecko

CRAZY night @ 25th and 8th Ave tonight!
(Notice the door in the front seat!)

My Roof Spotter Jess
came down with a hot tip,
and I hit the street!

Not a pretty scene....

Dude went right into the building.

They are using the "Jaws of Life"
to take the door off here to get the man out.

Unfortunately on his way to hit the building,
he hit a pedestrian and 2 bicyclists....

That is a pair of bikes under the van....

The man in the van hit this cab on his way into the 
building and spun him around.

There were dozens of emergency vehicles and
40 or 50 cops and firemen,
maybe more.
8th Ave was completely blocked off 
for more than an hour, as was 25th street.


Here is the culprit...

This dude, 
ran a light, hit the van,
who hit cab, who hit a pedestrian.
The man in the van kept going hitting the 2 bicyclists
and then the building.
Miracle is,
NO ONE died
thanks be to Buddha.
Only broken bones (lots)
and some minor head injuries.
2 cops, one cabbie, one pedestrian,
2 bicyclist,
and the old man in the van....
Coulda been a whole lot worse....
Blessings to the injured,
and I hope for a speedy recovery 
for all involved.


  1. Please, relate this to your usual rents about art and I'll find a way to appreciate this, otherwise I see no point to this outside perverse voyeurism of the weirdest kind, plain and simple. What the what, mondo?

  2. Claudette: I know what you mean, and I felt a little of that while posting this, but you know what? This blog is more than just a daily design lesson, it's what's going on in my mind and my life visually, and last night had a big visual impact on me. Not in a voyeuristic type of way (which I can enjoy) but in an overwhelming overload of visual stimulus. Kind of hard to explain it any better than that. I did not take pictures of the bodies on stretchers, although I could have, and I hesitated to show the pictures of the bikes, but they needed to be shown to tell the visual story that I wanted to tell. I hope you understand..... MB/PP

  3. For me this blog connects visuals and ideas, and often explores curiosity. Mainly approached through art, for me it is a slice of how life feels. I was very close to the spectacular and tragic Station Fire in LA (a block or two and evacuated). People sat on our curb and watched before going clubbing Sat night. Strangers talked, thought and marveled at its grotesque beauty. AS it was started intentionally I considered whether it qualified as the mother of all installation/ performance pieces? Sometime you just show us stuff - I found it compelling and sombering

  4. seeing the world through your eyes is a treat no matter what format is used. i am glad however, to reach the end of the post and see that no one died.

  5. That makes a lot of sense, mondo. I guess I've never been exposed to something that visually and emotionally intense, so I can't relate to your reaction and subsequent decision to share it on the blog. I appreciate the way you look at the world around you, but however stimulating it might be, I think that when shit is too real, well shit is too real!

  6. hey there. my friend was the pedestrian that was hit. he is severely injured and he's entering a legal battle with the city. we need information from witnesses. could you please tell your friend to contact us at lukesach88@gmail.com. thank you so much.