back to the future: tom dixon's modular furniture

Tom Dixon
For David Gill New Galleries

I was rootin' and tootin' 
through some more old nest magazines
looking for the original publishing of 
Tom Sachs' "Bitch Lounge"
and found it in Issue #7
from 1999.
I also found the above and below....

These are the drawer units from 
the modular series.
Dixon was Habitat's Head of Design UK
at the time.

These are some of the graphic from the article.

An illustration of 
a variation of the



My favorite, the "T-Chair".
Sorry the images are a bit shit,
I left my good camera at work.

These are stickers that nest printed so you could build your own
"T-Furniture" on the cover of the magazine.
Nest was doing that shit all the time.
Remember that Beck CD with the stickers?

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