moma / lamps / heifetz / modern / interiors magazines

Well the new 
Modern Magazine
is about to come out
and it is a fantastic issue,
their best yet.
Killer cover too,
but I am partial to Heifetz lighting.
(See an OLD post here....)
Anyway, I'm not 
going to post the new Heifetz article,
that wouldn't be cool,
but I will do something even 
MORE uncool, 
well, uncool to those dealers out there
(you know who you are)
that don't want anyone else to know shit 
about anything cool.
Those days are over my friends, 
so turn off your beepers,
get up from your PC,
get back in your 1979 Ford Econoline Van
and go out there and score!

I never found one of these.
It might be the rarest,
although not my favorite by a long shot.
The idea trumps the usefulness.

I've never even seen the Ingolia lamp in person,
I could have bought several of the
Crate lamps, but never did.
They aren't as rare as you would think.
There are copies and re-issues too.

We have a Watrous at home,
be careful with these, 
some (most) are Frankensteins.
Never had the Zweinen lamp, but no great loss.
I've had the Geller lamp twice,
wish I had kept one....

Looking at the Schatz lamp now at my desk.
Had several of the Geis lamps,
again, be careful, 
there were some very nice
copies made of those just long enough ago 
that they now look "vintage".
I LOVE the Gage lamp. 
I've had a few, 
but they all had some sort of problem.
If I was going to go after a lamp now,
that would be it.
Never seen the 
Alexey Brodovitch lamp,
great idea though.

This is the cover to look for.
Interiors Magazine
April 1951

Why hasn't the Taschen / Fiell crew 
reprinted the run of old Interiors like they did with
The Decorative Arts catalogs,
Domus and Arts and Architecture?
It should be done, 
and let me know if you wanna do it people, 
I gotz them all....


  1. yeah....there really ARE no more secrets....the cover shot - baffle piece on the Geller is WRONG, someone must have made a replacement for a lost one, the lines are too sharp & squared off. Didn't know 'bout knock off Geis lamps, DAMN.....most people don't know, I'm the one who did the repro Crate lamps, less than 50 produced...BN

  2. heh, heh....I just did a buy it now on that Interiors iss on "the pig", been up there for awhile, tried to tell a friend to buy it (I have 3 copies) but he didn't jump, so I tagged it, just to be a stinker, you know the newbies woulda been all over it inna week!...

  3. Hi,

    Big Heifetz fan. Thanks for the info. Would love to get a copy of the fall issue of Modern Magazine but their web site doesn't seem to be working. Do you have a phone number I can call to order a copy? Thanks in advance.

  4. Anon- I don't have a number for them, but I would check the web or ask you local bookseller. The magazine should start to show up around the country next week.