that shelf....

We all have one.
The weird, 
cool ass shit that doesn't go anywhere else.
That gift that you like, 
but can't get rid of.
Your favorite thing in the world,
the stupidest thing ever....

It all goes on "that shelf".


  1. p.: ..very nice that you have the auboeck "rocket" bookends next to the "balls of sorts"sculpture
    there too. we just relaunched that model.

  2. looked around, and found mine, too.
    love your birds.
    and your stripey paintings are nice in the mix, too.


  3. Emil Emilan boids...

  4. "that shelf" is sweet....a dodecahedron, carl aubock bookends, sweet line paintings by P.Patrick. I love it!

  5. superpicker4/8/11, 9:39 AM

    The paintings are great. They have a strong pulse. Nice work..

  6. Anonymous: I don't think the birds are by Emil Milan. His are more sculptural and less character driven.... Google him and you will see what I mean....

  7. Those are always the best parts of a home. I am sure lots goes on on that shelf when you leave the room. Did you do a post long ago featuring your house plants with personalized "botanical names"?

  8. I did! I need to revisit those guys... at least the ones that are still with us....

  9. loved that plant post but cannot find it... sometimes it is nice to see that personal touches hold more importance as important design

  10. findingfabulous: here it is: http://bit.ly/hOTdJF

  11. Can I ask, what is the cylindrical piece in the second to last photo with the bird on top? Many thanks in advance for your reply.

  12. Good eye.... It is a weird Italian covered vase? Stash jar? Useless object? The bottom part is lacquered stainless steel, and the top part that comes off is lucite with tiny balls of mercury suspended in it. Crazy right? It is signed "stildomuselezione ROMA". It has an Enzo Mari vibe, but I have not been able to find anything out about it..... Probably more than you wanted to know!