bright and airy

I love Jacques Grange's work.
(Almost as much as I do Axel Vervoordt's)
There is a nice,
short and sweet profile of him in
this month.
Check it out if you want to feel 
really, really, really poor....

 Jean-Michel Frank exhibition he designed.

His apartment in the Palais-Royal, Paris.
Colette used to live there.
not this

More of his apartment.
Tryptic by Christian Bérard.

King of Eclectic

Still more from the apartment:
Daniel Buren 
Francois-Xavier Lalanne
"Ostrich Bar"

The Mark Hotel 
in NYC
(Post being trashed by Johnny Depp....)


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    Would love for you to do so. Please keep these great posts coming!!!

  2. you know why jaques points down with his index finger?
    he suggest but never tells : abrek.. abrek! (old arab for "on your knees you little nothing..")
    ...let my grand deco follow you in your little dreams and let you wake up in the weeest + smallest hours wet with sweat..screaming :
    "ooh..i admit it! i will never be able to match colours like you and never ever be able to collect one piece of art that is worth to be posted on mondoblogo..."