mondoblogo is one

one year ago today I started this hot mess....

Since then there have been:

365 posts in as many days

4490 photos

Viewers from 6 continents, 123 countries and
4596 cities

 59,928 unique visits and 113,730 page views

(All of this is from March 27th, 2010 when I installed the addictive Google Analytics.)

A HUGE thanks to all of you who look, comment, and support me daily.
I started this blog at a turning point in my life, 
and it has helped me move past a difficult period into one that
has been amazingly productive, rewarding and exciting.
I could not have done it without



  1. Congratulations & Happy Birthday! This blog has also helped me get past a difficult time into a more creative, productive one. I check it daily for so much inspiration, but have never posted a comment before.
    I hope you continue!

  2. Saskia, Thanks for the comment and I'm glad I have been of some help to you too! All the best in 2011!

  3. Happy birthday - thanks so much for your blog. Here is a comment I left on another great blog in October
    "With the likes of Mondoblogo and a select few, I am starting to think that certain blogs with their organic evolution, critical editing, personal wit and social commentary may be the new art form. ...." For me this is the best blog ever. Thanks

  4. So sorry that I missed the bulk of the first year; so looking forward to year 2.

  5. Mrs. Blandings, me too, I think it should be a fun year! Also, make sure to search the archives, there is some fun stuff in there....

  6. Anonymous-Thanks for the amazing compliment! Greatly appreciated!

  7. happy 1 mondoblogo! here's to another year of great images and funny commentary...

    (from your not-so-anonymous sis)

  8. happy bday MB! and may there be many more.

  9. Congrats & Big props. Easily my most favorite blog in a very long time. Truly great and original, has taught and inspired me so much. Please keep it up.

  10. congrats... mondo blogo is a great read. many chuckles and baked design.

  11. superpicker1/4/11, 6:51 PM

    Happy birthday Hillbilly! It's always been good & often great... Keep it up.

  12. right on. happy bday... keep it crazy.

  13. Congratulations! Again, I look forward to my daily visits here more than any other blog.

  14. Thanks everyone, and as AB of RL requested, I will definitely try to keep it krazy in 2011....

  15. p- great work ! doing this contextual image "dance" is good for our soul.
    may the rubber band prevail!

  16. how the mondoblogo came to this planet-

    pat lays them out
    his gems of art
    and shacks and portraits, Works in oil
    here or there an artists fart –
    he lays them all on one plain floor
    opens all windows
    t’close a never nogo
    calls out for stormos -
    out flies all - right cross our world into
    our lappos, homos
    that’s how he created

    cheers to you + keep it up!
    carl jan.1. 2011

  17. Well done and thank you! Keep it going...

  18. Congrats and thanks for the wonderful images you bring to the web!
    I've been reading it for a month or 3 now (from Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
    Lovely to see art and life through your eyes.

  19. happy birthday to a terrific blog! i always look forward to a new post of yours.