mondoblogo is back down south for the holidaze

 I am back in 
for Christmas,
and while digging around 
in some of my old childhood stuff 
I came across 
the amazing book,
"The Foxfire Book"
that my Dad gave me for my
10th birthday.
I remember being fascinated by it then,
I think I was a tad too young to truly
get it....
Now I do.
 Aunt Ari
(The author's not mine.)

 Bill Lamb with a hickory
ox yoke
made by Mac Hopper,
the best yoke maker in the county.

 Beulah Perry shows the author
how to make a basket.

 Lon Reid with one of the
tall-backed chairs he makes.

 Detail from a 150 year old
"Friendship Quilt".
(This is one of the 55 makers names.)

 Pearl Martin
"Makin' soap" 
with store bought 
Red Devil Lye"

 "Dan Manous in front of his 
old abandoned bread wagon."

 Margaret Norton churnin'
her own butter.

 "Hobe, John, Mrs. Hopper and Lum Williams
work over the hog until it is scraped clean."

 Hobe prepares to gut the hog.

 A hard and lonely job.
Unless you speak mule
that is....
Plow resting.

 "They was two fellas a'goin' along 
one time in th' woods 
an' saw two snakes 
a'tangled up fightin'..."
Harley Carpenter

 Kenny Runion holding 
"rattlesnack" weed.
Cures a "rattlesnack" bite he says.

 Lon Reid tellin'
snake tales....

 Hillard Green,
snake whisperer and killer.

That's a big rattler'!!!

 "Harley Carpenter
during one of his
snake hunting tales."

Buck Carver with his one-gallon still.

Still architecture and construction.

"Moonshining as a Fine Art"

 My Dad holding my Grandfather's
"cough syurp".
 Clyde's whiskey concoction is 
now 55 years old...

  Instructions for a homemade "pain killer"

 Harley Carpenter with his "crow call".

 Ray Conner with some of his kills.

 Har Reid with one of his ginseng plants.

 Harley Carpenter holds a 
yellowroot pant.

 The author Eliot Wiggington
with Aunt Arie.


  1. p.-hallelujah. the old times.everyone of these guys is a saint somehow with his/hers capabilities +wisdom..
    tell me are there people like this today is the appalachians or is it all historic what you show?
    are the snake well farmers today former lawyers with made teeth and tits, new red wings and starring in the sartorialist when on holiday in milan?
    or are there some who sport modern skills and inventions..
    what came after moonshine? xtc?do they have shacks to produce it ,how do these look?
    what followed the 5 string banjo? i-hick+dvd?
    do they still wear dungarees? or h&m?
    is it all spoiled by ikea?
    the rattlers are sent to boot camp or shrink?
    the old medicine plants still exist?

    here all mountaineer findings are put into museums where they rot.
    remaining people in the mountains are running their ski-liftbusínesses, and appear in the sartorialist from time to time to show off their vicuna blazers.

    a very happy x mas to you and your family !

  2. I have a crush on Eliot Wiggington

  3. Holy smokes, this could be a pop-up store concept tomorrow and I wouldnt blink an eye.