christmas day on the mountain

It's a White X-Mas!!!
(Very rare here in the South, even on the top of a mountain.)

Artsy fartzy tree shot.

One of my favorite ornaments
as a kid.


On of the newest additions to the tree.
Jess brought this back from India.

(my mom's mom and my grandmother)
knitted this for me.

One of my favorite
vintage ornaments.
I think my mom 
bought this when she got married.

My dad made this in a scientific
glass blowing class in college.

Marble Santa Girl

My sister's old stocking.
(Now Dali's)
Mammy made these for us and
they are AMAZING!
The details are great!

My mom made this out of old 
Bismarck beer cans
in 1963.
Modernistic hillbilly chic!

I'm realizing this is starting to get really, really crafty!
Mammy made these for all the people close to her.
This was the one for my Mom.
They blow me away every season. 
The details
are truly incredible...
It is made of a painted pine cone
and acorn caps.

X-Mas cactus on
Dad's pecky cypress table.

Funny little guy....

Mam made these for all the door knobs.
They ring when you open them.
Very festive.

The Nutcracker has a busted nose.

Movie time!

Josie enjoying the snow.
This will be her last Christmas.
She has terminal cancer.
She's the sweetest dog ever....

6 inches and counting....

Dali is up from her nap!!!
Time to PARTY!!!!

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  1. Wow what a great family - The world would be a better place if more of families had someone like Mammy - it may even produce more blogs at the level of yours. Have a wonderful time with your family. Merry Christmas