more psychedelic interiors from the 70s

Welcome back!
Are these kids or adults?
Looks like Barry Goldwater on the tube to me,
must be kids.

It that a tuba in the corner or are you just glad to see me?

Can you spot the Tito Agnoli lamp?
It's right in front of the painting of the...of the...it's by the bed.

I miss reel to reels....

The slab of glass on top of the radiator
as a shelf is a nice solution.
Greg.org would love that
satelloon vase.

Say ahhhhh....

Oh look!
I don't remember them shooting my bedroom!

How much for the Warhol prints
young lady?

There sure are a lot of bedrooms in this post.

Here's another one!
Have a field day with this one 
Dr. Freud.
Horses, a lamp shaped like a snake, and a brass band....

Love the old bug sprayer.
I always wanted to collect those.

Oh look!
They shot my living room too!

The beginnings of  the
"High Tech" look.

How do these Apartamesso
images keep getting in here!

Hammocks inside never made
any sense to me.
The floor is a very hard place to land.

What's going on here?
Idols in cave nooks?
Sexy blond?
Another hammock!

Oh yeaaaaah


Dig that mirror in the cave ceiling.
Oh yeaaaah.....


  1. such a good post. the inflatable furniture looks so futuristic, but in an incredibly dated sort of way.

  2. p.- thanks for the brionvega remembrance.

  3. but what are they both looking at on the last pic?

  4. thanks for melting my mind. i needed it.

  5. actually, the satelloon vase is a close third on my list, after the erector set stereo shelving and the giant Enzo Mari exhibition poster. Contenir Regarder Jouer, baby!

  6. superpigger12/6/10, 3:47 PM

    P. those aren't children or adults, those are Italians. & Carl I think they are looking at his stock portfolio in that last pic. my security word was teezu