Alexandre Noll

Sometimes your library
surprises you.
"Where'd I get that?
Oh yeah!!!
Forgot about that one...."

Here is one of those pleasant surprises.

Brought to us circa 1988
Galerie 1950 Alan
Gay Pair-ee.

Beautiful handmade bright orange portfolio
with tipped in duotone plates.
500 copies.

There's the man the portfolio is 
all about
Alexandre Noll,
the AMAZING mid-century
French sculptor
and furniture maker.

Ok, this sculpture is nice and all,
but WHAT
is that egg thang in the studio 
behind it???

F-ing Amazing!
Fred Flintstone meets
a bank vault meets
well, meets no one,
this is really it's own thing....

Detail of the handle.

Table top sculpture.



Really like.

Wouldn't kick it off 
the credenza 
for eating crackers.

If I had to, I would.



Give it time....

Detail of some drawer pulls.
Am I missing a plate???

The background is what interests me here....
I would love to see
more studio shots....
Maybe next post....

Creme de la creme!
Not that it matters, but 
an example
of this chair sold at Sotheby's
in 2003
Why not, if you have that kinda juice?
I know I would....


  1. awesome book. we're coming to you next time we need literature references for the noll stuff in our sales. no kidding.

  2. Hello,
    I lived in France and I have in my ownership a copy as this above. In very good state. Could give me myself a valuable order concerning this very beautiful book.
    Looking forward to your answer
    PS excuse my English

  3. Anonymous- Not sure what you want exactly, but is it that you want to sell the book? Thanks for your comment. Best, MB

  4. Hello,
    Yes I shall like connaitre a price(prize) to sell this very beautiful book.
    Thank you

  5. Hello,
    I recently found 5 ceramic plates with the signature Noll 1933. They look very much like Alexandre Noll's work but I have not found any information about him doing ceramic pieces. These look very old and have hand painted images of a fish, a bird, and scribbles. The plates themselves have the rounded, non-symetrical sensibility of Noll's wood bowls. Do you know if he produced ceramic plates for a company early in his career?
    Thank you kindly,

    Dana Hart-Stone


    1. Dana- I would have to see pictures. Send them to info at mondo cane dot com. -MB