make yourself at home, or ELSE!

Once again, a cool exhibition/show smacks me upside my head while just
walkin' along
like a dope,
 slurping my venti iced black tea (unsweetened [no classic], no water) 
and getting a sunburn on my neck.
"Make Yourself at Home" encourages just that, with a 
sweet and sour surrealist twist.

Wallpaper by Rob Wynne
Pillows by Sean Mellyn
Couch by Kwangho Lee

There were no gallery labels, 
which I really liked.
Some of the art I recognized, some I didn't,
but it was nice not to know,
and just experience.

Sculpture by Meghan Boody

Get INTO it....

Sculpture by Jill Levine

I just noticed the wallpaper....

Photograph by Max Snow
Vase by Brian Hunt
Wallpaper by Francesco Simeti
Silver Stick by James Nares

The top one looks pissed.

Turtle Lamp by Tom Sachs

This is what I look like dancing...

Nude Dude by Carlton DeWoody

and golfing...

Tiger Gator by Carlton DeWoody

and when I am cold...

Teddy Jacket by Sebastian Errazuriz

and on a pic-nic with my pet squirrel...
See him there in the back left?

Four headed robot and squirrel by Alex Rickard

Here he is!
His name is Toby.

Loved this.
I have an idea who it is,
but I'm not sure.
Why do I like that feeling so much?

Suspicious package by Michael St. John

Want to buy.
Wonder if D.Y. trades?

Tree by Dustin Yellin

This is EXACTLY what is wrong with me.

Yes/No Shelves by Casey Neistat

or maybe not so weirdly,
this one one of my favorite pieces.

It was creepy weird and sweet and soothing,

Mattress Fountain by David Deutsch

There was some interesting
furniture in the show too.

Moose Chair by Anonymous

Love me some M. L.
I almost bought one at his last show.

Bronze Chair by Max Lamb

More from the P. J. roster.

Corner Chair by Kwangho Lee


Red Chair by Mary Heilmann


Corrected Table by William Stone
Jeff Koons Bowl by Steve Keister


Folding Table by Jason Reppert

Very cool.

Even cooler.


Chair by Steven Holl

Can't not take a pic of a cactus in a cool pot now can I?

Cactus Pot by Steve Keister

One of these would be perfect for my parent's garden.
The gnome I gave them could take it to visit
us back in NYC.

Spaceships by Ionel Talpazan

7 Eleven Gallery
Make Yourself At Home
Open until June 6th
169 Tenth Avenue

See gallery directors 
Caroline Copley, Genevieve Hudson-Price or Sabrina Blaichman
if you have any questions.

Be there or GO HOME!