auböck show up and running... ahead of me!!!

So I missed a night of posting,
but it was for a good cause,
our new Aubock (Sorry Carl, my umlaut is misbehaving!) show!
But I didn't even need to post,
you amazing peeps out in Blogland are FAST!
There were several things posted about the show
I even made it home from my celebratory dinner!
A sincere thanks to those who shared the Mondo Word to the World.
These are the ones that I have seen so far,
such as
Andy at
the fine people at
Mark Rozzo of the
Thanks y'all!!!!!

I decided to post a few (a few for me) shots that I took for the website
 (in a great hurry)
 right before the show opened.

I tried to pick some of the ones that weren't already posted.
You can see them all on my website

I love the all of this stuff/material/art/sculpture so much....

I wanted to show the Auböck family in some way 
without having to open a book
every time someone asked, but didn't want to be too "museumy",
so I went with a cork bulletin board with color prints
just pinned up.

Check out the wall vase! 
Rare ceramic and brass work by the EVER ingenious 
Family Auböck.

The galvanized saw horses worked well with the steel floors.

More flowers.
I wanted orange, but the red worked.

Man, the floors look CLEAN.
I takes a show to give the place a new shine.

Glass, water, wood, steel, painted sheetrock, and even leather.
Simple and beautiful.

Oh yeah, and some pretty flowers.

That's it!
Make sure to check out the other links
and please come by the show if you get a chance,
it is up until June 19th.


  1. I think you pretty much killed it with this one. Amazing looking show, thanks for the Auböck introduction. New favorite! Because life is unfair I will be missing this show by mere days. Keep it open till the 26th!

  2. Thanks! You never know, maybe we could keep it up longer, we'll see!