birdhouse repairs

I mentioned to my dad yesterday that the birdhouse
on the back porch was looking as
though it might fall apart with the next
Carolina Wren landing,
and before that last word got out of my mouth,
"Rod Parrish Do It Now!"
was out there making the necessary repairs
and additions.

He built this about 5 years ago,
but it has been through
a lot of traumas, 
with the crazy raccoons, the pesky squirrels
(some white ones, yes)
and even a bear
knocking it off its increasingly
high perch.
Now that the pole has been lubed (!)
the squirrel guard added, it is mostly safe, unless you
include the ice storms and high winds up here
on the ridge.

Tools & Supplies

The new "runners" to stop the torque.
The also are great for the birds to land on.

All done....

I added the front perch rail.
Pops thought it would make it off 
but it didn't.
(Why? Mountain magic....)

Rietveld meets Olden Whitebread

Ready for diners!
(There were birds literally waiting for us to finish.)
I tried to get a shot,
but they were much 

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  1. Now this I understand! A wonderful time, working with your father on a birdhouse, in the country. This is art!