the upper east side scares me....

I was headed to the Whitney to see the Biennial, (finally)
when I passed this shop.
I think it was Michael Bastian?
Pretty sure, anyway, they struck me as odd, beautiful, and hideous
all at the same time.
But mostly they were disturbing.
I could go into why, but I'm sure I would offend someone, 
but what I will say is that they have a feeling of...
I just have a feeling that the person who would wear these
 would somehow be sad?
And kind of scary, but not in a good or cool way, like say
a leather clad biker can be scary, but also cool looking at the same time.
A WASPy dude 
(I am making a BIG jump here when I ass-u-me that this is MB's client base.)
 rocking these would 
REALLY scare me, 
and would be TOTALLY
That sounds mean and unfair doesn't it?
God, I don't know. 
Why do I even bother thinking about these kinds of things!
I took a picture of these Hitler Slippers shoes for a reason though.
So here they are.
How do they make you feel?

Just before posting this, I went to Michael Bastian's website,
just to check it out.
And you know what,
it does scare me.
This was the first shot I looked at:
Terrifying, for SO many reasons....


  1. german fashion was also loaded with skulls and swarovski last year.. himmlers taste.
    hitler was too much of a couch pot together with eva at the obersalzberg or down in the dumps of soviet ridden berlin bunkers..no sense for fashion at all.. look up peter yorks "dictators homes".
    it is the dress men`s clockwork orange look in their eyes that makes you scary , not the shitty galoshes.

  2. sometimes I will look at a completely abstract sculpture with no referential points and just the shapes make me want to run these pieces evoke the same unease in me. thanks it is a very good post.

  3. At first I kinda was like "Meh! They're not THAT bad!" and then I saw the tassely ones and kiiiiiinda liked 'em! And then I looked at the rest of them and totally got the full on sad empty feeling that you are talking about!! Like, the military ones are so EDGY being all mismatched and military. And the biker gorilla thing is scawy, and then the last photo...ohhhh, the photo...That's what happens in fashion when someone doesn't have good ideas. Just pile a bunch of crap together and give 'em the Blue Steel.