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Ok, so I totally dissed a sculpture included in an upcoming
auction at Wright in Chicago.
I dissed it because it is horrible.
BUT, the artists who made it are not. 
I actually NOW love their work.
A MONDOBLOGO reader suggested I look at their work
more closely, and do a post.
Thanks to that anonymous reader I am now a 
Thanks anonymous reader!
(I still hate the sculpture at Wright though....)
Thanks to Greg at Greg.org for this
That puts the its horribleness
in perspective....

Prada, Marfa 2005

The Collectors, 2009

Short Cut, 2003

Powerless Structures, Fig. 111, 2001

Powerless Structures, Fig, 145 (Descending Gallery), 2001

Marriage, 2004

Modern Moses, 2006

Powerless Structures Fig. 146 (Elevated Gallery), 2001

Social Mobility (Staircase), 2005

Boy Scout, 2008

Powerless Structures, 2002

Untitled, 2009

Torso of a Forever Young Man, 2008

Crash... Boom... Bang, 2008

(All photos from a million different places on the web, unlike 98.67%
of the photos on MONDOBLOGO, which are all taken by me.)


  1. Wow, these guys are like the Prince of art! How can those who make something SO good, make something SOOOOOO BAD (top.)?

  2. one of my favorites is still the second piece of theirs I ever saw, called Powerless Structures, Fig. 59, it was a slide projection of the moon reflected in a little pool in the sketchy basement of The Project's garage building in Harlem.


  3. HI not sure of blog protocol if I should have listed this on the soma topic- but just wanted to let you know