spring is sprungin' in chelsea

Jessie has a green thumb, and I love plants, but travel so much that I even kill cactus!
But no more!
Spring has sprung, and we got a whole load of new plants yesterday.
Love it!
Most are succulents, but not all, and if that doesn't say commitment 
I don't know what does!

This is a Tiger Elephant Ear Plant.

This is a miniature or midget Palm Tree.

This is one is a little bit sad, but pretty,
 kinda like Lindsay Lohan.

Love me a good Green Stone from Asia Plant.

Lindsay's less drug addled better half.

This is a Spikey So And So.

I can't remember the common name of this one,
 but the scientific name is Misterius Mossius

Heart Leaf Plant

This is a Bug Plant.

Dancer Plant

Can you spot me in this one?

This isn't really a plant, it's an alien.
But experts call it the 
Old Man with that One Creepy Long White Whisker Plant

This is a group home for a bunch of trouble makers!

Ok, these are actually just flowers, 
but they BEGGED 
me to be included!


  1. Does a brown thumb exist? I think I have that. I just decided to bring my succulents in from the hail storm (that I put outside to dry out?). I'm sorry planties, that I suck at taking care of you.

    Yours are gorgeous.

  2. It's funny how you either have "the thumb" or not, kinda like cooking. I would classify my thumb as a light sage... definitely not a full green at all!

  3. I would have done better at school had you taught botany... and everything else.