junk drawer

Everyone has that drawer full of weird stuff 
that they just can't get rid of, or throw away 
for silly, and sometimes important reasons.
Here is a quick glimpse into mine....

I used to wear this on an old work jacket. 
Funny how everyone would call me by that and I would be surprised...

Busty toothbrush.
Origin unknown.

Prehistoric tooth I found at the beach.
I wish I knew what animal it was from.
Maybe a manatee?

All aluminum comb from Sweden.

Key ring missing the ring.

Fossil sharks teeth from the beach.

Teeny tiny screwdriver and a lucky penny.

Pearl I found in an oyster.
It's the biggest one I have found, and I've eaten 
my fair share of oysters.

Good luck angel.
 from a concerned friend.

I've never been to see Conan....

Gift from pervert sculptor friend.
He probably gave me the toothbrush too....


Katrina killed it.

Vintage jaw harp.
I believe this was my fathers?

The first watch I bought for myself.
I guess I was destined to be "modern".

Super ball needs a bath!

Taxidermy fish eyes.
Sharks I believe.

Tool for getting dents out of metal vases,
wish I knew it's proper name.
I have a whole set and they really work.

I don't think any stations accept these anymore.
Probably haven't for years.
I used to keep an emergency one hidden in my jacket, 
just in case....
I had watched "After Hours" one too many times.

Those teeth again.
I have the weirdest picture of my sister wearing these.
She is so beautiful and then you see the teeth!

A very generous gift that I never use.
I could never get the hang of a money clip.

My baby spoon.

I prefer to think of this as a Karana Mudra, rather than 
a Mano Cornuta.

Christmas snowflake my 98 1/2 year old grandmother made.

This one is nice.

Cool painted marble from Jessie.

From a collection of Modernist furniture labels.

This is a really beautiful doll's hand carved out of mother of pearl.

Tea ball from my grandmother.
I believe it was my great grandfather's.

I'm dating myself.
It's not only on a rock, it's holding a rock.
Nice touch Fred.

His aim has remained true.

Why can't money look like this anymore?

Some Satanic love symbol from... Leonard Cohen?

From my gone too soon Uncle Russ.
This used to be my key ring, but then I didn't want to loose it.

That's Me!!!!
The orange bakelite is nice.
It's a tape measure.

A cashew shaped like a penis.
It's starting to get sticky....
I should sell this on ebay,
say it's Jesus's penis!

A popping bug fly I made when I was a teen.
I believe I even caught a few bass on it.

Yep, that's sure is something....

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