more from the ruth ford and charles henri ford estate

I know I need to give this a rest, but I just can't, the material is just too cool....

This is a photo of Ruth by Louise Dahl-Wolf
from Harper's Bazaar.

Here she is again.
LOVE that coat.
No wonder Mr. Faulkner was smitten.

As was Andy.

Here is her brother's lover, Pavel Tchelitchew
at work in his studio.

Charles Henri Ford in a costume designed by
Salvador Dali.
Photograph by Cecil Beaton.

Come on!

Ruth and Henri collected Pavel's work during his lifetime and after.

All of these paintings hung in their apartment in the Dakota
where they famously entertained.

These skull paintings/drawings start normally....

Then start getting weird....

And weirder....

And then creepy....

And then abstract....

Turning geometric....

The skull starts to disappear....

Finally EXPLODING into the 


  1. oooh I'll take geometric

  2. nice blog, nice selection!
    i think the coat is a schiapparelli,s design, isn´t it?

  3. Hello I am writing a book about Dali's work for the stage. How do you know the Charles Henri Ford photo was Dali's work.? If you could kindly fill me in would be very grateful.

  4. It was labeled as such at Sotheby's. I hope that helps....