less is judd or art + architecture = happy 2

Ever since I saw the "Donald Judd and 101 Spring Street" show at 
(which closes
this Saturday BTW.
I couldn't stop thinking about the interior.
Instead of buying a stack of new books as I tend to do when I get obsessed,
I decided to see what I could find in house, and came up with 
an old auction catalog from 2006.
It was the Judd Foundation sale at Christie's,
the proceeds of which were to go to renovations of the Spring Street space, 
which is about to happen,
and Marfa.
(What took so long?)
So, nice connection, nice pictures, and a good cause.
(The sale made the Judd foundation VERY happy, 
it grossed $21,851,040.00)
I didn't make a penny, but
Art + architecture really does make me happy!

101 Spring Street

That damn perfect bedroom again!

Mr Judd in Marfa

National Gallery of Canada, 1974

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 1979

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 1970

Casa Perez

Judd with his kids Flavin ansd Rainer, Marfa 1974

101 Spring



Las Casas

Casa Morales

Architecture Studio, Marfa


Ranch Office, Marfa

Cobb House, Marfa

Main Library, Marfa
I know we have seen this picture a million times, but it is still cool....
Well, if that doesn't make you wanna take the drive to Texas,
I don't know what would!

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