I got into two discussions today about cufflinks, and then saw 
The Sartorialist's post and said,
That's it, I have my post for the evening....
My cufflinks.
Funny, I almost wrote collection, but for some reason I
don't think of them as a collection, 
kinda the same way I don't think of my ties or socks as a collection.
Kinda weird thinking about it, I never have until now, 
but I guess it makes sense.
Or not.

I rarely wear these. 
But If I ever go as J.R. to a Dallas tv show party, 
I am set,
This is J.R.
for those of you who didn't grow up in the 80s

My nickname in elementary school.
LOVED that.
Also a gift from Jessie.
Beautiful enamel on silverleaf, 
probably late 20s.

Georg Jensen
Sterling and enamel.
I probably wear these the most.

These are very 50s. I rarely wear them, 
but they are fun.
They are very big which can be hard to pull off.

These are tiny, but beautiful,
sterling and amber.
They were really hard to capture in a picture.

I wear these everyday....

when I am in Texas.
Or when I am dressed as J.R. Ewing, 
which is often.

I just got these days ago at Project 8b
They are by Bless.
Mirrored plastic and stretch cord.

Sterling space rocks 
from Steven Alan.

Higgins glass from the 50s.
I've had these forever.

I think I wore these once.
Quite a statement.
Good for Mergers and Acquisitions,
or murders and executions,
whatever you're into....

Sol LeWitt?
Sol I Wish.

Frank Rebajes.
Sterling, 1950s.

Carved Moonstone
These are probably my favorites.



  1. those amber pyramids are fantastic.

  2. Yeah I like the amber pyramids best too. And the American Psycho. (Careful with those Ivory colored business cards!!)

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