westport modern

Williams-Levant house, Westport. 
Barry Byrne, architect.  1934  (currently for sale)

The Architect Michael Glynn stopped by the shop the yesterday and told me about a super cool exhibition he has put together at the Westport Conneticut Historical Society. 
Looks like it is WELL worth the vist! 

I want more Michael, when is the book being published???

All photos by Michael Glynn (copyright).

This is is great. 
1934? Conneticut?
WAY ahead of the curve. 
This has to be one of the earliest examples of International Style architecture in the US.

Corwin house, Weston.  
Richard Neutra, 1954

Neutra in Connecticut. 
Who knew.
I am seriously jealous.

Wasserman house, Weston.  
John Fowler, 1963

This one has "Key Party" written all over it, 
although I would have pegged it at '78 not '63.
Very nice.

(Sorry about the type face going back and forth, that's what I get for being lazy and cuttin' and pastin'....)

Allan Gelbin house, Weston.  
Allan Gelbin, architect, 1965 (currently for sale)

More on this very sweet home by an assistant to Frank Lloyd Wright here:


This is a great house, but pricey at 1.8 mil. I feel.

Florimond Duke house, Green's Farms (Westport).  
Erard Matthiessen, 1937

Very Ayn Rand / Howard Roark.

Greenwald house, Weston.  
Mies van der Rohe, 1955-56

Sorry Mies, this is a DOG.
Looks like a school, and not in a good way....

Unitarian Church of Fairfield County, Westport.  
Victor Lundy, architect, 1960

Nice job Vic. 
This is wonderful and I couldn't imagine more perfect architecture for a church.
Even I would go to church if I could go here!
What are those chairs?

Trinkaus house, Weston.  
Allan Gelbin, architect, 1964

Allan gets his FLW groove on again.

Koizim house, Westport.  
MLTW/Charles Moore and William Turnbull, 1968

I would have pegged this for "88. Again, an architect/s ahead of his/their time.

R. P. Ettinger house, Westport/Norwalk boundary.  
Kahn and Jacobs, 1940

This one is a bit odd, but it has been growing on me....


  1. fantastic post and exhibition. this should be made into a publication... love the wasserman house, and love the trees that surround the property.

    david john

  2. love your terse critique! right on..

  3. oh Koisim house - i want to live in a white house that has a barragon feel to it and aspen trees growing outside!

  4. Just googling Victor Lundy- I grew up in Fairfield and I LOVE that church. Also in the Westport modern exhibition was this awesome Paul Rudolph house which we used to go by on our way to the beach. Of course douchebags seem to be attracted to the land Paul Rudolph houses are on and he gets torn down more than anyone else. RIP:(

  5. It should be noted that the Williams-Levant house in Westport.
    by Barry Byrne shown above as "for sale" was purchased and obliterated beyond recognition by being wrapped in 10" of insulation and brown stucco!