volume gallery takes over....

Chicago just keeps on giving to MONDOBLOGO. 
I was lucky enough to catch the last day of the inaugural exhibition by Volume Gallery, 
the new baby of the lovely
 Claire Warner and the dashing Sam Vinz.
Their concept is that they come in and "take over" a gallery or a space for a week,
or maybe just for a few days, 
and show the work of emerging American designers.
Great idea, and I am so proud of them for not using the term "pop-up"....

The work in this show was all by the very talented 
and SUPER great all around guy, 
Jonathan Nesci.
The Andrew Rafacz Gallery was nice enough to allow the takeover.

This is a detail of the above burnished and waxed aluminum bookshelf
called "Reference Shelf".
Very Judd-ian,
 and I love it.

"Sol" chair, 
another reference to one of my favorite artists.

Detail of "Sol".

Jonathan walked me through the show 
and said this was his only "gimmick" in the show, 
but I found that gimmick very interesting,
an umbrella stand that waters the plant that lives in the base.

No plant, but use your imagination....
In Seattle you put a fern, 
in Santa Fe, a cactus....

"Sol" Daybed.

The leather is a nice contrast to the hard edge of the powder-coated aluminum.

"Drop Light"
Jonathan called this the "souvenir" of the show.
It was already priced a an amazingly low price of $250, when it was an unlimited edition,
but the mold broke(!),
 and they decided to keep the price at 250, even though there were only 22 made!
A steal, a deal, and at last check, they were only 2 away from being sold out.

"New Mirror"
This is very beautiful in person, quiet and elegant.

Why do I keep writing that?

"General Desk"
Not such a great pic, but this is sweet in person.

The craftsmanship is flawless.

"Standard Table"
This is powder coated spun aluminum, steel and concrete.
Edition of 8 with 2 APs.
1600 bucks!

Love the contrast of the rawness of the concrete 
and the purity of the aluminum.

I like this shot.
Detail of "The General".

Long view of the first room.
Forgot to take an overall shot of the second room....

For more info please check out:
To see more of Mr. Nesci:
(I finally figured out how to do that.)
My thanks to all of the above for the chance to see this really beautiful show!
And I look forward to Volume Gallery's next ATTACK!


  1. love love love that lamp and desk. really nice.

  2. I agree with David. (I was going to give him the heads up on this stuff but he's already been here.) My secret self lives in this room!