don't jump tony!!!!

I went for a FREEZING walk today. 
I seriously thought I was going to get frostbite just taking these shots!
As I was was walking through Madison Square Park, I thought I saw a nude
man ready to jump off the Flatiron Building!
Turns out it was Brit Antony Gormley's
most recent installation.
I approve.
 It was fun to try to find them....
Here are just a few of the 31 he installed around the park....

Looks pretty real if you don't know what is going on.

Where is he?
No, not the FREAK on the bench that kept screaming out "ASSHOLE" 
in a sing song voice and then screaming 

There he is!

This one is easy.

Nice package!

Love this building.

There he is AGAIN!

Where is he?

OH! Mr. Moon instead!

Here is what the sculptures look like up close....
Just kidding!
I saw this on the walk home.
Gotta love Al Pacino and Scarface.
Now, THAT was art.....

Here is the nude Mr. Tony Gormley,
If you are in NYC, make sure to check it out, no rush though,
it will be up through August 15.


  1. You missed the one at Pentagram: http://pentagram.com/en/new/2010/03/antony-gormley-event-horizon-2.php