rainy day art

So, it was pouring rain, the wind was gusting to 60 mph, 
and the temperature was 40 degrees...

Good day for looking at some art!

By the end I was soaked to the core, but this is what I saw....

I like these...

Ink on paper by Christian Brown 
at Nancy Margolis Gallery.

Super early George Rickey at Marlborough Gallery.
The super nice and helpful gallery girl
said I couldn't take pictures....

Somehow I managed.
This piece is from 1958 and is really, really great.


On to Andrea Rosen for Wolfman Tillmans.
I know, it's Wolfgang,
It was a joke....
Pretty funny though, right?
I bet no one has ever said that before.
WHERE do I come up with this?
I'm a genious.
I mean genius....

Only stoner's grow corn in their Berlin apartment.


Prefab uptight German modular furniture.

Moving on along to GAGOSIAN GALLERY....
This behemoth is by David Smith.
I did a nice job of sneaking the shot no?
 I was the only one in there
so the guards were watching me like a hawk.

Moving along to 21st street for more
(you just HAVE to write it big)
for some Sandy Calder.
This is the best shot I could get as I was leaving, 
as the guard (between texting) had snagged the dude in front of me 
for trying to snap a shot.
I'm going to address this "no photographs" in a later post....
(I know you can't wait.)

Banks Violette at Gladstone.
Something slightly interesting about it...
I guess...
maybe not.

Now for some "real" art...
These photos are a little blurry because 
I was shooting without a flash 
with one freezing hand 
while the other tried to keep the umbrella 
from picking me up like Mary Poppins!

I like.

Mini I like.

This will get even better as it keeps getting tagged....

Mark Kostabi meets Le Corbusier.

Nice touch.
I like to think this was planned....
Probably not.
Too bad.

These were cool. Kinda Tim Rollins & KOS.

More KOS street.

Sanctioned at Yvon Lambert.

But with both,
it's all about the Benjamins....

Door of EYBEAM.

Me like.
Is it eating a skateboard?
I wish it would.

Scary cool.

Not a fan.

Good luck with that Mr. Snooty 21st Street Brownstone Dick.

Fax Cat.
Name of my new band....

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  1. thank you rain!
    so i can see all that great stuff