buckle-up, it's going to be a bumpy ride....

Damien Hirst eat your heart out....

I was walking down 29th street in the rain today when I spotted these beauties! 
So bad it's good, just the way I like it.

An olde skool / hiphop vibe predominated, followed by skulls, 
which were equally popular...

What's the best way to say you make the best mix-tapes? 
With a 9k gold-plated cassette belt buckle of course.

This boom box is a bit more detailed, yet I like the first one better. 
You know why?
 The diamonds....

Flying skulls where the most popular of the skulls.
Notice this one has one gold tooth, 
nice touch....

Comedy and Tragedy come in a close 3rd, 
with EVIL comedy and tragedy dominating that division.

This is a rare variation of the classic C&T, 
the Siamese Twin (connected at the head version), 
Yin and Yang, 
Ebony and Ivory, Rocker and New Wave belt buckle.

A classic. 
Driving the Big Rig, so many young boys dream....
The detail is stunning.

This is for, well ,those of you who fancy yourselves Star F-uckers. 
You know who you are, 
and if you wear this, you are proud of it. 
And you should be.

You just can't go wrong with a big scorpion in red lucite.
If this doesn't say Bad Ass,
I don't know what would.

Loud and Proud!

Loud, proud and peaceful.

Firemen, EMT's, Police Men, they flock to this one, 
it's very difficult to keep in stock apparently....

Did you know that Kanye West is a Freemason?
I think I saw him wearing this during fashion week in Milan.

Da Bomb,
Da Bedazzled Bomb,
The Bedazzled Flying Bomb

This is the buckle I rock.
I would like it better if it was the old style hundred though.

This says to me, I like to have handcuffs on, 
but only bedazzled, black enamel on platinum handcuffs.

Man, how much more "street" can you get
 if you are sylin' a traffic light around your waist?
It ain't possible!
Comes in gold or platinum plate.

Man, if I had to choose between the bullet with the colored diamonds, 
or the I-10 Freeway buckle, I don't know what I would do!
But can you just imagine how cool it would be to be cruising down the "The Ten" 
while rocking  "The Ten" on your waist?

 That would be so totally awesome dude!!!


  1. you are out of your mind.

  2. The medication doesn't appear to be working....

  3. actually it apppears to be working great!

    give me some of that.. its a good day to see treasures like this. most of the world would just pass it by:)

  4. I tried clicking to add all these to my shopping cart, but it's not working! Please fix it, thnx!

  5. I should start an "ironic" belt buckle shop.... I'm sure it's out there....