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So the Wright Boys and Girls are at it again, the first major modern design auction of 2010.
Got the catalog in the mail today!
March 23rd, Chicagotown, USA. 
Be there or be square....

Here are some of my favorite things from the sale: 
(In full disclosure, some of the lots shown, I personally own a stake in, but they are honestly some of my favorite things, pieces you don't see everyday.) 
I love the greatest hits by the most popular artists too, but it's nice to open a catalog and see a designer I have never heard of before, or a piece by an artist I know, but have never seen. 
Pretty cool.
Make sure to check out the other 500 lots at wright20.com.....

Lot 208
Harry Bertoia 
USA, 1940
This brooch came directly from the architect Ralph Rapson's estate.
Est: $10,000 - 15,000

Lot 180
Henry Klumb
Puerto Rico, 1945
Little known in this country, the architect Mr. Klumb is a national treasure in his adopted country of Puerto Rico.

Lot 230
Cecilia Graham
USA, 1939
This rare plaster mirror was sold at the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco.

Lot 173
Dan Johnson
USA, 1947
Little known early work from Mr Gazelle Chair.

Lot 277
Pierre Jeanneret
France/India, 1955
Pair of chairs from Chandigarh.
These have been showing up a lot, but, once they are gone, they will be gone. India realized (way too late) that they were losing national treasures and have banned export of any more.

Lot 352 & 354
Folke Ohlsson
Sweden, 1955
These two model chairs are from the founder of Dux estate. 
And SO damn cute!

Lot 388
George Nelson & Associates
USA, 1955
Probably more of Associates here than George. Beautiful and rare clock.
Please don't bid against me!

Lot 257
Giovanni Offredi
Italy, 1970
Man, a good barstool is hard to find and these are super sexy.

Lot 193
Art Smith
USA, 1955
Bracelet in copper with applied patina. Love it.

Lot 178
Pucci De Rossi
France, 1978
I would almost like this more as just a sculpture.

Lot 181
Henry Klumb
Puerto Rico, 1945
Here is the Klumb Master again, this time with a lounge. Mr. Klumb was a close associate of Frank Llyod Wright and Louis I. Kahn.

Lot 438
Irwin and Estelle Laverne
USA, 1953
The whole Golliwog family is here!

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