enough with the art already....

Ok, so screw the art and up with people, I mean design, I mean fish, I mean pesci....

Not that Pesci!

some of you have seen this puzzle a million times, it seems to be a favorite of the design bloggers, but for a good reason, it's so cool.

Designed by one of my confessed design crushes of 2010, Enzo Mari, in 1957, this particular puzzle was made in 1974 by Danese of Milano.

"...precluding any didactic ruling or guidance which is, as such, always of a repressive nature."

I love you Enzo!

Puzzle out of the box. 
Looks like a delicious and fun boulibase!

So since you've seen the puzzle before, 
I decided to take some intimate portraits 
of the cast of "16 PESCI"....

Mr. Puffer.
Dangerous when threatened. 
Seems mild mannered, but he's not.

Senator Pipefish.
Sleaze Ball.

"The Boss"
Need I say more?

 Miss Pumpkin
Curvy and cute.
Dates "The Boss"... duh.

Friends with Senator Pipefish.
You have been warned.

Mr. Minnow
Such a good guy, gotta love him.

Mrs. Talapia.
Don't let the tattoos fool you, she's a doll!

Mr. Trout
Sporty. Drives a monster truck.

Ms. Sandra.
Easy boys....

Bob the Swordfish
He's the Mayor of "16 Pesci".

Nose Fish
Nothing nice to say about him.
Doesn't have a job, but always has money, if you catch my drift.

Will talk your ear off!

Sammy the Seal
Ever since he got back from duty, he hasn't been himself.
Poor Sammy!

(I know, but that is his name. 
Blame his mom, she's the one with no imagination....)

Mrs. Martha Octopus
She's the local dance instructor and married to The Mayor.

For Peaches, a pic of Marthapus on stage....

Fudgie the Whale
Town drunk. 
There I said it.
He needs help.
So do I come to think about it.