more mmaod - the independent fair

This is the first incarnation of the Independent fair, and let me tell you, I was impressed.... No walls, or should I say, no stalls like at the Armory or the ADAA shows, just a beautiful high ceilinged old industrial/warehouse space that was the DIA space and now is the Chelsea Art Museum.
As you walk in, you are greeted by this:
Bruce High Quality Foundation. 
This rat curses at you, commands you to put down your coffee, calls you a f-ggot and generally abuses 
you, and believe it or not I liked it!

Not so sure about the Jorge Pardo floors from the old Dia.

I started at the 4th floor and worked my way down.
Here we have the obligatory DeLorean....

Most for the galleries "offices" were super low-tech. 
Quite a contrast from the other fairs private rooms.

This was spinning and huge.
It's by Jeppe Hein 
(I wonder if he is any relation to Piet???)
SOMA, there I said it.
This was better in person, like most things....

Hard to argue with that.

If something wasn't "wall tagged", I would try to find out who it was by, but if there was no info available, I figured that was the way it was meant to be. 

This was really funny. 
It was all about Kate Moss's cocaine addiction, at least that is what I got out of it....
Jordan Wolfson, "Con Leche" 2009, 20 minute video loop.

This would be so perfect for the Art/Not Art Game....

Ryan Gander "With a smile on your face, 2009.

There was a strong trend of furniture as art or art as furniture. 
This was ok.
There were many more pieces that followed this trend, but most were bad...

Prime example.

These were ok.

I've been seeing this everywhere....

Looks like a skull right? 
Oh, it supposed to. I love art....

These huge lead and steel doors were as beautiful as any of the art there....


So everyone has seen this bee vase from Moss, but have they seen it paired with art? 
The next few shots of furniture and decorative arts are a collaboration between Moss and Westreich-Wagner Gallery. 
I ended up liking more than I thought I would, but some worked much better than others. 
This pairing was ok.



Not so much.


Huh? Pushing it Murray....

Larry Clark and a Nymphenburg porcelain of a Raven.
Love it for so many reasons.

Not Art.

These were really cool too. 
They are from Lisa Anne Auerbach of Gavlak Gallery of Palm Beach.
This one is for your drunk girlfriend.

For your bitch girlfriend.

For your druggie girlfriend.

I really, really dug these pieces by Jose Davila. 
Technically they aren't furniture, but I did find the super nice and knowledgeable gallery guy hiding things in the "drawers". 
The boxes are all exactly the same size, but the way they are stacked and whether or not, and how much the "drawer" elements are pulled out, makes them appear to be all sizes. 
Very interesting.

This was my very favorite gallery and installation by the Mitterrand + Sanz Gallery of Zurich.
I could live with every piece in the booth (if I lived in a huge all white castle in the Swiss Alps....).
 The works were political, yet always beautiful, and sometimes funny. 
Hard to do.

Daniel Lefcourt

Michael Phelan
'Tomorrow's a new day...' (2009)

Ricardo Rendon

Michael Phelan

Michael Phelan 

Les Freres Chapuisat


So beautiful.
That's all folks.


  1. the black glass floor installation- 'Tomorrow's a new day...' (2009)- at mitterrand + sanz, zurich is michael phelan... as is 'Shit happens on Satur-days' (2009)...

  2. Thanks! I dug on the website, and web, but couldn't find it....