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Well, I dragged my butt up to the UES for the Art Dealers Association of America show at the Armory. 
The ADAA show is at the Armory, the Armory Show is at Pier 94, go figure.... 
At least they are taking place at the same time. I like that, but it is quite a lot of art to take in this week, kind of a March Madness Art Over-Dose, or MMAOD. 
So, no quiz this time for my 5 watchers, just things that I liked....

Ok, I didn't like this, so lets get it out of the way.
This is how NOT to cut your wall labels. 
What would poor Clarence think? 
Probably spinning in his grave along with his dealer at 291 Alfred Stieglitz.

Terrible iPhone picture of a SUPER rare Noguchi sculpture in two tones of slate. 
Me wanty....

One of my art school favorites, Robert Longo. 
Very early precursor to the graphite "Men in the City" drawings he became famous for. 
This is called "American Soldier" 1977.

Roxy Paine.
 No title (that I know, none was provided at least).

More Foxy Roxy. 
Is he foxy?
 I don't know. I hope so.

Another olde skool favorite of mine, Allan McCollum. 
These are from "The Shapes Project" They are digitally embroidered shapes on cotton. 
I almost bought one of these for 900 bucks, seemed reasonable, until you think that he is going to make 100,000 of them. Crazy Allan!

I might have picked this one if I hadn't regained my senses....

Detail from my favorite "modern" painting there,  Magritte's "La Memoire" from 1954.
 This was just a tad more than 900 bucks. 
If a multiple of Jeff Koon's "sculpture" of a snorkel was 250,000, I can only imagine what this was.
Probably half of that right?

Mr. Guston. Nice to see you. 
These would look perfect in our apartment.
 Nice scale, small, they are only 9 x 12 ".
No date on these, no titles either. 

What's up Joe? 
A friend of mine had one of these in his kitchen. No shit, the kitchen. And I'm not talking a print, it was an early one in green. 
This one is Titled "HTTS, Waiting" 1954.

John Storrs, "Man Sitting" 1919!!! 
Go on with your bad early Modernist self John!

Ok, this should have been mine, but at 45,000, 
I couldn't swing it at the moment, but I don't think it is a bad deal for that.
 I love Charles Howard. This one is from 1958, and is untitled.

Never heard of Alex Hay, but I really like this, it's big, from 2009 and 125,000 bucks.
 I would MUCH rather have the Howard though or 3 or 4 Howards for that matter.

Detail of a very colorful George Rickey from 1994. 
The label said "DO NOT TOUCH OR BLOW" ok.

I have recently been infatuated with Mark Grotjahn, probably because of how it relates to my own paintings. 
Only thing is, he gets to sell his! 
This one was so, so, but the only one I saw at either fair.

Another one for home, sweet little Ray Johnson collage.
 It was sold :(

This is a sexy Christopher Williams photograph from 2009.

Crowd pleaser, "Children love it" or so I heard. 
I see why. 
Scary fun from Tony Oursler called "Bluebit" 2006.

These are kind cheezy, but I would be lying if I said I didn't like Mark Ryden's work.

This one is so heavily varnished that it was hard to get a good shot with the iPhone.
Francis Picabia, 1937. "Greta Garbo".
I could look at that everyday.

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