danese nightmare!

Ok, just so we are clear, 
Danese, the company, is certainly not a nightmare, 
but my skills as a photographer, editor, and blogger 
have been seriously challenged today, the culprit: 
Mr. I. Was Rushing. 
Do you know him? 
He's very good for getting things done FAST. 
So, if you are into a hot mess of a posting, 
or just want any job that you are working on to look like sh-t, 
Hire Mr. I.W. Rushing. 
You wanna do a post on the new Danese book you just got today that you are excited about? 
DO NOT hire that fool! 
please excuse the blue tinted, blurry, tiny photographs.... 

The list on the cover of all the types 
of things that are shown inside. 
Kind of turning the book inside out.

It was their 20th anniversary catalog.

It was also from the ex libris of Jack Lenor Larsen

I guess he was a rep for them. Who knew?

Love these. 
They are called "Faraglioni", 
which means, I have no idea what it means, 
look it up. 
I'm still pissed at how bad this posting looks. 
LOVE the content, and I am not doing it justice....

They are a pepper grinder and a salt cellar. 
Here is a schematic of how the pepper grinder works.
Enzo Mari, 1972

These are called "Hawaii". 
Who knows, but I like to think about it....
Enzo again, same year.

As Jess would say "Shut Up!" 
These are so great. 
They are called 'Tongareva". 
Which is the name of the largest atoll in the Cook Islands, 
in the middle of nowhere Pacific Ocean. 
Now we know why the egg cups are called Hawaii.

Anyway, I WILL find some of these....
The little holes are handles for your fingers.
Enzo, 1969.

All of the rest of these are porcelains, 
called, strangely enough "Porcelains".
 Kidding, they are called "Samos", 
after John "Samos"...
You can see why no? 
Actually, I am just looking for some way, 
no matter how desperate, 
to get some good looking pics in here!

Samos is another island, this time in Greece.
Wish I was there, 
eating some grilled octopus out of my Samos bowl with John Samos 
(I know it's Stamos, just play along).

In the catalog, 
it says the "Samos" were "researched" by Enzo Mari, 
and produced by Danese.  
Not  sure what that means, since the other pieces 
I have shown were "projects" by Enzo.

More of Enzo's "research" from 1973.

These vases are beautiful.

No sure if these were molded, 
must have been, but they look hand-made. 
That was probably the point....


Last one. 
For those of you that made it this far, 
Thank-you and goodnight....


  1. can you get a pic of 'mr. i. was rushing?'

  2. p.s. i am so happy to see not only that you posted a picture of john stamos in the middle of this blog entry, but that you also tagged him. well done.

  3. Yes but this Mr.I.W.W actually managed to still give us information, not just one pretty picture per day.

  4. Thanks Anonymous for seeing the brite side!