more gregg fleishman

Like anything, the more you look, the more you learn, yes, even if you are watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County". Well, here is some more (just from the surface, go to the website to dig deeper...) from the "Real Inventor of Culver City"....
I want the bike AND the Nikes. I think this photo is circa 1984?
Nope, 1990.



Getting weirder, I like it, Bucky would like it too.

Scale model.

Full size, very cool.

More models, more ideas.

I hate to say it, but the furniture is starting to look a little less interesting, more decorative, when compared to his other projects....

Combining ideas.

Gregg is on the far left, looks like he grew up around modernism.

Getting farther out there.

WAY out there.

Thanks Gregg!


  1. awesome posting! love his store in culver city...

  2. Thanks! He has a store??? I will be visiting that next trip out West....

  3. more of a studio that you can visit... right in the heart of culver city.

    some amazing works...

    gallery hours 11 - 7 tuesday and sunday...

    when you coming out?

  4. Maybe for the Blunk show at Blum and Poe, but for sure the end of April for Michael's 50th and LA Modernism.

  5. lol, just now understand your fast comment!:)

    come see this show, its kinda amazing. really enjoyed seeing this last nite, but i need to go back. there were way tooo many people at the opening...

    let's do coffee if you do come out.