mondo mascots

Anyone who is a collector or dealer knows that certain things, even though you love them, you can't sell. Some you don't want to sell, for whatever reason, maybe you just love it too much, don't know what it is, waiting to find out what it is, it was a gift, OR, no one sees what you see, or maybe you just priced it too high. Anyway, I started looking around the shop/gallery/store (what I call it depends on my mood....) and started to spot a bunch of, let's call them, mascots. Mondo Mascots....

Gift from my sister. Got booted from home, now it lives on a storage shelf. 

Touchdown Jesus! Love him, God bless him. Same story as above. 

What is it? Can't sell it until I know FOR SURE what it is.

Gift, same sister. 


For sale, but nobody will pay my price. It's been sitting around for 10 years, always out for sale. Maybe it's just not quite what the Manhattan decorators are looking for... THIS year.... 

You've seen this guy before. Not for sale, yet, but it doesn't matter, nobody cares...

I love it, but nobody else does, for sale. 

Again, LOVE it. French, 30's, Signed, but can't sell it. 

Ok, this is one of those annoying ones. You know when you walk into a shop and see something amazing on a shelf behind the desk and your eyes get all wide and you start to sweat and you ask the person behind said desk: "How much is that ________?" "Oh that?" they reply, "It's not for sale." "THEN GET IT OUT OF YOUR @#%$n STORE!" you think loudly just to yourself, because maybe it will be for sale next time. This is that thing. I annoy even myself with it....

The whole gang!


  1. That looks like a fun group of dudes to take out on the town on a Friday night.

  2. We do all go out occasionally, but MAN do I have a headache the next day!