time and life

This has been my pen holder at my desk for generations and generations...I bought this at some flea market, I can't remember which one, there were so many back then before I got lazy. Anyway, I bought it because I loved the graphic nature of the bold design, but also because of the connection with the Time Life Building; that the Eames designed furniture for for it's executive offices, where our first graphic designer worked, and as a building I like to look at. But if I am honest, I will have to say that I really didn't pay attention to the man who designed it this cup, Alan Fletcher. I had no idea how influential he was until today. It's so much fun to learn something new, especially when it is right under your nose (literally in this case). Also, it's cool that he co-founded Pentagram, and that is where our current graphic and web designer worked until a month ago. Kind of a full circle in a Kevin Bacon sort of way....

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