what is it?

This little green freak lives behind my desk. He was made by Arrow Industries sometime in the 60's I guess. I've done some light Googling and have not found much on the company. I know no one is reading this blog besides my mom, but if someone DOES stumble upon this post, and knows something about The Green Freak, or the company, I would love to know.

His eye IS pretty.

Nice eyelash.

Nice fart locker.

Big feet and big ears. You know what that means, smart and hung.

Sleep freak, sleep!

Signed, and thank God, patented. Don't even THINK about knocking this off! Did he have 20 other freaky friends?


  1. Well I read your blog and I love it it is my favorites folder with only 5 others.
    No info on your little green creature though.


  2. Thanks Melinda! Glad you are looking and liking!