richard buckner

I bought this cd from Richard personally at a concert in Philadelphia in 2000. I can't remember the venue, but it was TINY, there were maybe 20 people there. It was an amazing show. I was recently loading all my cds to my new imac (quite a job, it took over a month) and getting rid of all the hard copies (I know, seems sacrilege, but space is at a premium in NYC and my books ARE OUT OF CONTROL, so less CDs means more room for books.  Anyway, I was going to donate or try to sell the cds when my business partner was looking through them, I told him he could have whatever he wanted. He found a few he liked and then got to this cd and said he didn't think I should just give it away because he thought it was pretty rare because it was the early self-published version that Richard sold only at his shows in 2000. It was rereleased years later, but he couldn't have made that many of these. My business partner used to deal in records years ago, so I figured why not, I'll throw it on ebay and see what happens....
Well my business partner doesn't know Jack Squat. 5 viewers, 5, that's it, 5. DNS. Back in the stack it goes....

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