our danish bird friends

Here is our Danish bird collection. I wish I knew more about these, but my Scandinavian chops are just so-so at best. I have seen people call them Dansk, but I don't think that is correct. Some have said Kay Bojesen, but I know that is wrong. Others have said, related to the Dansk attribution that they were designed by Jens Quistgaard, but I just don't know for sure. Maybe you do??? Anyway, Jessie and I love them. They live here on the window's edge, glad they are inside when it is cold and bleak like today, and just rarin' to get out during the Summertime, but they must stay in at all times, since they are domesticated. They wouldn't last out there in the wilds of the NYC streets for 2 seconds with the crack fueled squirrels and the hopped up pigeons, not to mention the tree climbing rats and most dangerous of all, The Cannibal Frog!



Old Bob

Mr. Doug


Old Dennis




  1. love them... I'm gonna have to do some research. Did you aquire them all at once or one by one?

  2. I had always admired them, but I could never seem to bring myself to step-up and buy them on the rare occasions when I saw them. Then one day I saw a pair at an antiques show, and decided to and grab them. After that, it was a single on ebay, and just a few months ago I got a group of 5 from a friend as a gift. He had collected them for years, but since they were just sitting in his storage Upstate, he figured he would set them free them to hang with the others. It was a super generous gift fur sure!

  3. They are just amazing! Sure that they fly around the house while you all sleep!