why not blog about instagram?

since blogging is so passé, 
I wanna get into it again!!!
(What's not cool is almost always cool in my book.)
there is just one thing stopping me,
and that is 
Try as I have over the last year or so,
this blog's thunder #bigtime.
But in the last month I have had 
3 touching moments
when complete strangers
have been beyond kind about the blog 
how much it has affected them.
here we go again,
yet another try to resurrect it...

This time maybe it will stick,
so naturally I will start with blogging about the 

Here are my top 20
in 2 posts,
starting with #20:
"Sculpture to be seen from Mars"
Model in sand, unrealized.
I have always LOVED this image, and so did
everyone else. 
This got 486 likes and 14 comments.

"Total Art Match-Box"
#MoMA #Fluxus #Nihilism #DADA
MoMA's website is the best, I can get lost in it for
minutes and minutes, seriously,
minutes are the new hours….
This got 487 likes and 12 comments.

#JousseEnterprise is looking sick….
I took this during set-up at Design Miami just a few weeks ago.
God am I missing the weather and the coffee down there….
This got 487 likes and 14 comments.

Université Dy Penjab,
"Gandhi Bhawan" Building 
This pic is from such an amazing book:
It got 492 likes and only 4 comments.

"Arango Residence"
Acapulco, Mexico
This is from the great and hard to find JL monograph.
This got 496 likes and 13 comments.

"Three days and counting…"
I posted this right before my most recent gallery show 
at the 
This got 501 likes 18 comments,
but that's just because Cody is so cute….

"Swimming 19th century #Vanderbilt style"
I took this at the Biltmore Estate,
they said no pictures allowed but lookie lookie….
This got 508 likes and 22 comments.
Sometimes a photo surprises you,
and gets way more likes than your think it would,
but they always get the likes they deserve.

George Eastman Building,
I found this on the www and had never seen it,
no photo credit was available.
I wanna go see this in person….

One of my favorite #AlexanderCalder pieces
I took this from the amazing book,
It deservedly got 520 likes and 32 comments.

I nabbed this image from an auction,
can't remember which one….
It got 523 likes and 25 comments.

"Just want to stay in bed"
#summercold #gaeaulenti
I took this from one of my italian interiors books,
such a great room.
It got 529 likes and 20 comments.

that's a start!
The top 9 will be coming soon….


  1. I have been enjoying your instacrack immensley (Hixhouse drool all over) but please come back, you are ahead of the curve...the world will grow up, catch up and blog again. Your blog has changed my little corner of suburbia.. Noguchi would have alwyays been one iconic table and some paper lanterns.. now i have my own kiln. I often think about your earlier posts from your endearing apartment cactus to your thought provoking photos of a horrific car accident in Chelsea . Prouve " How much for that chair" my favorite posts of any post on any medium...

  2. so glad you are back, missed your inspiring blog terribly ! have a wonderful 2015 , brigit