lame, lamer, and lamest....

That's me,
not the picture,
but the lamo one.
I have been soooo bad about blogging.
I travel all over the world and everywhere I go
 people I have never met say to me
how much they love
Every time I hear that,
I feel guilty,
but not guilty enough to start blogging regularly again.
I know why,
it's absolutely
Instacrack provides a quick and painless way to share something
I find interesting in literally
seconds instead of hours.
 maybe not hours plural,
but I would say one of my good blog posts
takes me at least an hour,
a great one way longer.
That's a lot of time when you are juggling
and trying to enjoy
other things in your life.
(like Instacrack)
 I have to find some sort of happy medium.
I don't want Mondoblogo to die,
but in order to save it I need to quit 
(which for obvious reasons I can't)
I could make my Mondoblogo posts a bit shorter, 
say instead of 
scanning and editing 20-30 photos
I could do one or two,
maybe just post an announcement of the new show I just saw 
or the weird new magazine I just bought
in Paris.
I know I am just thinking out loud here,
but I want Mondoblogo to live on,
and in order for it to do that
something really does have to change, 
and I have to adapt.
Which I am promising here I will.
So until then,
thanks for looking and reading,
and I promise I will be better in the future,
think of it as Mondoblogolite,
that or you can just follow me on 

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