too sacred to sell: the hopi mask controversy

First off,
 I would like to say that
the only reason I am posting these images
is to bring awareness to the
plight of these masks.
The Hopi are not crazy 
about images being shown of their masks,
but I thought the importance of the situation
outweighed that belief
for the time being....

Read all about it in the links below: 
See the catalogue

These are amazing spiritual works of art
created between 1880 and 1910.
The Hopi believe that the masks 
allowed the spirit of the dead 
to communicate 
with the 


  1. "Therefore, they are not gods but messengers who are asked to exert their beneficial powers to help men live in harmony."

  2. I hiked all day to see 10,000 year old pictographs. Before these images were protected, some had been chipped off the rock. They're probably sitting in some millionaire's home. Images like these masks are sacred. Where is the reverence? Art is eternal. Art is magic. Art is holy. It isn't decor to match your fucking sofa. I feel the same way when Christian statuary, icons or paintings are use in kitchy settings like your fucking foyer.