miami wrap-up 2012

Am I behind in blogging!
So sorry for those of you who 
have been checking in
and seeing nothing new.
Unfortunately Instacrack gives me immediate gratification,
but now that I am not crazed,
 I will get back in a good blogging groove,
I promise!
So here is a huge, yet highly edited wrap-up of
Miami / Art / Basel / Design
with tons left out.
I had over 600 pictures that I edited down to 175.
That's just overload, 
so instead of doing a part 1 and a part 2,
I decided to show you my 50

Matt came down! 
I couldn't have done the booth without his help
and his crew's hard work back in Minneapolis.

This is what the weather was like everyday.....

Crazy interior of "Big Pink" where we stayed.

Lulu and Matt clowning around in the booth.
Matt wants to do a colab with her called

My muse for the trip....

Big Pink still-life....

I did get a chance to see a little art....
Some times I like Mel Ramos,
not often, but sometimes.

The show at the Bass was fun.
This is Hans-Peter Feldman.

Here he is again....

The show was only a 5 min. walk away.

Peeped this in the Botanical Garden, 
Frank Stella's
BMW 3.0 CSL Turbo E9 Group 5
"Art Car" from 1976.

N.A.D.A. was killer this year,
the best ever and my favorite fair.

NADA Hotline

My new buddy ARP doing a bit of 
DJ-ing at the White Zinfandel Magazine launch party.

Lulu getting shot by Garance Doré

Amazing Soap Bubble lamp 
by Front at Design/Miami

Lulu in awe of this amazing 
"Study for a Mirror"

Big Pink interior.

Miami Style

The world's coolest parking garage.

More Miami Style

Lulu posing with her friend Mr. Iguana

Big Pink is really pink.

More pretty girls and iguanas.

Flea market find.

Still more Big Pink.

Killer lobby seen while apartment hunting with friends.
Notice the turtles!

Miami Style

Human Hair

Miami bike rack

This wasn't any fun....

But we did it!


Good looking garbage

Not sure what this is/was....

I can't get enough of BIG PINK!!!

Crazy interior seen while apartment hunting....

Aqua on Aqua on Aqua

Big Pink nap view....

HEY! No pictures!
Wharton Esherick staircase at the Wolfsonian.

Another Wolfsonian staircase....

Love it down there....

This guy came to see me in the pool.

Bottons Up Topless

"Tumbling log" 
window from 1928
in the Coral Gables "Chinese Village".

Headed home....
What a trip!
Back to regular nerdy art, design
and book posts

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