sneak peek at the new carl auböck book!!!

 Here is the first copy of the new and AMAZING
Wes at Powerhouse was kind enough
to give it to me for this post.
All I can say is that it looks KILLER!
I know I am a bit biased since I 
"produced" the book,
but seriously, it is fucking beautiful.
Clemens did an unbelievable job, and Brian
knocked the design out of the park!
Great, great job guys!

It even looks good naked!

It contains some great interviews....

Current pictures of the workshop....

 Beautiful shots of rare pieces....
(yes, this was on purpose, kind of an inside joke....)

The objects are roughly divided into several sections....

Love me some bookends....

Huge double page spreads everywhere....

It really is sooo beautiful....

Loads of pieces you will have never seen before....

Vintage drawings....

A very handy index in the back of over 200 pieces....

And the best back cover in recent memory!

Pre-order now on Amazon,
or just come on by to Mondo Cane 
on Novemebr 7th where we will be having 
a book launch party in conjunction with the 
where you can get a signed copy weeks
before the rest of the world!


  1. Wow that is one beautiful book, stunning spreads and I just wanted to reach out and touch the textured covered (then I could frame the dust jacket). Well done- top of my Christmas list.

  2. an outstanding book of outstanding work. I do love the double page bleeds. And perfect marketing. De-lish.