upstate instagramin'

Penn Station still life....

My obsession with
shows no sign of letting up!
I don't even carry my other cameras anymore!
Once again, sorry for the repeats,
for those of you who follow me

So, I headed Upstate for a much needed break
from the inferno of NYC. 
This is the mighty Hudson from 
my train car looking
very monochrome and serene....

I can never resist a good bridge shot....

Sudden cRaZy storm!
Hudson got nailed,
trees down everywhere, no power,
it apparently was a tornado or a microburst.

Calm after the storm....

Detail of a farm outbuilding at the wedding
we headed to right after I got of off the train.

Chair detail at the wedding.

Catskill chair

The joyful groom and his entourage....

The band was fantastic. This was the procession
down to the river for the ceremony.
It was about a mile walk 
and they played the whole way down.


Happy Garage

Before the ceremony Stuyvesant
got in some river tennis ball time.

Sunset after the ceremony.
Full blown "Hudson River School" moment.

M&D house detail....

FLW and Albers were my only guest house 
companions, but I wasn't complaining....

I had to break out the wool blanket!
The day before it had been 99 in the City,
now it was 50 in Hillsdale!

Barwa morning....

Old VKG lounge.

Time for some eggs!

On to Mark's shop. Great Warren McArthur
door handles.

Huge and incredible
Leza McVey hooked rug.

Mark's garage. Love it....

Back in the house now with a Bruce Goff
architectural detail.

One man's treasure....

Robo sink!

"Ballon" chandelier in blown glass.

Time for Stuyvie's nap.

Time for my nap on a sea of leather....

Painting studio detail.
Love those curtains, they looked like faux plywood.

Vintage Robert Mapplethorpe photo
of Patty Smith.

Pond puppy at sunset....

Abandoned blue bird's egg.

Ceiling detail in the great room.

Next day art/not art barn find.

Visting friends.

Behind the green door handle....

Hudson architectural detail taken while antique shopping.

"Modern Art"

I love this for sooo many reasons....

Amazingly happy succulents in a plumbing store window.

Not sure why this is so funny to me....

Local folk artist's work.

Apocalyptic kitty in a street mural.

After a long afternoon of pounding the pavement
it was time for a strawberry Shandy
at a friend's killer Victorian home.

Hudson Train station, time to head back....

Back to Da 'Hatt....

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  1. not sure whether to thank you for an amazing post or throw up with jealousy... outbuilding shot killer

  2. enchanted. that might have been my summer vacation. Art, architecture, travel, outdoors, all in one.